Arabic: كسرى Kisrā - Khosrow

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Arabic (Bahrain), Persian
This name in New Persian is xosrow and the form given for Middle Persian is husrōy.

Where does the /k/ in the Arabic kisrā come from then? Why did /x/ or /h/ change to /k/ when all these sounds are present in both languages?

I also noticed that Arabic خندق xandaq comes from Middle Persian kandag. So here it's the opposite, the /k/ changed to /x/!

What's going on here?
  • Ihsiin

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    I don’t know, so this is pure supposition, but I wonder whether the words may have entered Arabic via Aramaic, where [k] and [x] are allophones.


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    Maybe the word entered Arabic through Greek. Even though at that time, Greek aspirated consonants had already turned into fricatives.
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