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Discussion in 'العربية (Arabic)' started by T.Durden, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. T.Durden New Member

    I have Windows 7 installed on my netbook, and I need to type in Arabic. I know how to configure that in the control panel, but only the regular keyboard layout is offered. I'm used to working with Arabic ASDF Western, which looks like this (except foor the numbers):


    When I had Windows XP, this would do the trick. Unfortunately, for Windows 7 it doesn't. So can anyone help me with getting Arabic ASDF Western for my Windows 7 OS? 'Alfe shukr!
  2. Anne58 Senior Member

    I used to use the same keyboard with my XP and now with Windows 7 I am also stuck with the bundled version (which is anything but intuitive). I've looked around for a fix but haven't found anything yet, I'll keep looking and post if I find something.
  3. Anne58 Senior Member

  4. T.Durden New Member

    I'm installing it as we speak. I'll post the results. Thanks for sharing!
  5. T.Durden New Member

    These are the files (maybe this code will be needed: cipodobamaxo). One of them should be the right one for your processor. This is the exact same layout as in my first post, except for the numbers (which in these files are western style) and also I left out some letters that aren't really in the Arabic alphabet, such as the ب with two additional dots underneath. Once the files are on your computer, you can just click one of them, if it's not the right one for your processor, it says it doesn't work, else it'll install. Once that's done, you can just configure it the same way as usual: add it via the control panel).
  6. wasmh New Member

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    One simple solution is to download Phonetic Arabic keyboard for Windows 7 from the following and install it. As I am a new member, I can not post the link. may be searched with goog If it is successful, please tell all others facing this problem. Thanks

    ZumoDrive - Arabic (101)- Imran's Phonetic Keyboard 0.91
  7. mujahid7ia Member

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    Thank you for this. Here is the link:
  8. Tuntoush New Member

    I have a Windows 8 OS and I am looking for a phonetic ASDF Western version for Windows 8 (not 7). Can anyone help please​
  9. mujahid7ia Member

    NY, USA

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