Arabic popular terms in the medicine.

Arab Bedouins have alot of words that used to describe the patient .
There are some of words that describes shapes of warts which appear on the skin of person.
Names of wart in Arabic
(فلول Fulwol، ثالول Thalwol )

Also there's translation for "sessile" سليلة.
Are the words above Equal medical terms in English (pylop and sessile).?, what are the etymology of words (فلول ، ثالول) ?
Does it derived from (pylop and sessile)?
I think morphological balance mentioned words same Arabic.
Arab in Ancient times pronounced س letter like ث th, and it was denoted in south arabian inscriptions in hadrmite branch like name of بطليموس was mentioned Tlymoth.


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  • Arabic itself has at least one of the words (ثؤلولة see ثلل) and the meanings for فلل are not very far from an anomaly on the skin. Aramaic has two roots tll and pll both meaning "stain", not far from the Arabic meanings, but can just be coincidence (esp. as the Arabic word seems to have four letters as root).

    By the way, it's polyp and I think the header may be a misspelling of papular. Sessile means "flat" (or "sitting") and is apparently used to describe polyps or papules with a wider area of connection to the skin or internal surfaces.