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please take the Diacritics into consideration when bringing up the results. except when they're not put. And thank you.
  • mkellogg

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    Hi, I think I know what we can do. Can you give me some examples with links?

    Oh, I see this was an unregistered "guest". Can anybody else give me an example?



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    Arabic - Lebanon
    Obviously Sentoss had in mind the case of مَنْ ("who") and مِنْ ("from"). Can searching be made diacritic-sensitive? This way, when searching for مَنْ for example, the search-result page won't show مِنْ together with مَنْ.

    MS Word and LibreOffice Writer ignore diacritics unless a certain option is selected. Search engines also ignore them, unless the option VERBATIM is used in Google search. However, when these options are on, they won't be able to do a partial matching of the diacritics. For example, فَتحة won't find فَتْحَة and فُتحة won't find فُتْحَة.
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