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    Background: in a television program discussing language/grammar/etymology, it was said that a ت at the beginning of Arabic words may (in special cases) indicate interaction between two groups rather than just two people.

    Examples provided:

    تصادم would be a clash/collision occurring between two groups and not two people:
    • A headline like the following example would be correct: اور _________ کے مابین تصادم واقع____________ - A clash occurred between __group/party__ and __group/party__
      • On the other hand, a headline like the following example would be incorrect: !ا" و "ء" کے مابین تصادم جاری" - The clash between Alif and Hamzah continues!
    تعاون would be cooperation/assistance occurring between two groups and not two people:
    • حکام مظاہرین سے تعاون پر راضی - Leaders/officials agree on cooperation/to cooperate with protestors
    Note: There is no intention of misquoting/misattributing! It is possible that the information presented in the program was misinterpreted/misunderstood due to a lack of familiarity with the concepts discussed!


    • Is the description given above correct and is there such a rule or pattern?
      • If yes, details and examples would be appreciated!
    • Would this mean that such words should grammatically/theoretically only be used to describe interactions between two or more groups?
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  2. Treaty Senior Member

    It is partially correct, based on verb/infinitive form #6 (taXaaXaXa / taXaaXuX) where you should put the three letters of a verb root in the place of Xs respectively. However, it is not correct for the other infinitive forms starting with "t" (#2 and #5). You will find a good explanation here. This is just the original Arabic morphology. I don't think the Urdu speakers regard it this way but just as a loan word (at least it is how we feel in Persian).
  3. Qureshpor Senior Member

    Punjabi, Urdu پنجابی، اردو
    As Treaty has indicated, tafaa3ala is form VI of the Arabic verb is and it is formed by added ta to form III (faa3ala). The matter regarding applicability to a group applies sometimes but not necessarily. kaataba is to write to someone but takaataba is to correspond with someone. There will be cases where tafaa3ala would be used for two individuals and in others for more than two. But, in the Arabic language there is a facility for two persons doing something (the dual number) compared with three or more.

    tafaa3ala has additional significance of "pretending to do something" and "sequence" .

    tafaa3ul is the verbal noun for this pattern.

    As Treaty has indicated "ta" is also added to form II to get form V (fa33ala > tafa33ala)
  4. Alfaaz Senior Member

    Thanks for the informative posts (and link) Treaty and Qureshpor SaaHibaan!

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