Aramaic: Barack Hussein Obama


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Is anyone able to give me the spelling of

Barack Hussein Obama

(their full names) in Aramaic?
Thank you.
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    Which Aramaic? Modern Syriac or Aramaic from the time of the Bible?

    ܒܪܐܩ ܚܘܣܝܢ ܐܘܒܐܡܐ

    I guess the Biblical version would be:
    בראק חוסין אובאמא
    That’s simply converting the Syriac to Hebrew letters. As a Hebrew speaker, if I were to guess how it would supposed to be written in Biblical Aramaic I would simply write:
    ברק חוסין אובמא

    As a side note, the modern Hebrew is:
    ברק חוסיין אובמה
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