Aramaic: I have my strength

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    Hebrew and English
    אית לי חילי
    (Although you should know this is Jewish Aramaic from the Middle Ages and isn't spoken by anyone today.)


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    excuse why the symbol of origumi are different from those ks20495?
    I proposed a synonym, and also wrote the two words with diacritics. many Semitic alphabets, among them Aramaic (classic and modern), Hebrew (ancient and modern), Arabic, do not have any vowel or very few vowels. The diacritics guide how to pronounce the word, the same function that vowels have in European languages. Diacritics are usually omitted except in children / learning books and in some old texts like the Bible.


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    hy Origumi and thank you so much. I have another matter, when I copy the words on my pc it changes the caracter writing from left to right.
    I' d like, if you can, to have a file with all the words wroten with diacritics and saved as a photo in jpeg or similar.
    so I'll can print it. thank you very much.
    if you cannot publish a photo here, please send me an e-mail <<removed>>
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    First line: I have my strenth
    Second line: I am my strength

    This is Hebrew alphabet, which was also the Aramaic at certain times. It's not modern Aramaic.

    Click to enlarge. Read from right to left.


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