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A friend of mine wrote the following to his advisor in university:

I was under the impression that Syriac is a dialect of Middle Aramaic and therefore expected it to be covered in the courses in Aramaic. If, however, they do not cover it, I would be interested in studying it (after having learned Aramaic proper, of course).

What does "Aramaic proper" mean? Is this correct, idiomatic usage? I might add that my friend is not a native speaker.

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    Proper is here used in sense 5 in the second list in the dictionary: proper - Dictionary of English

    5. (immediately postpositive) (of an object, quality, etc) referred to or named specifically so as to exclude anything not directly connected with it: his claim is connected with the deed proper

    The speaker is making a distinction between
    - Aramaic in its strictest sense (Aramaic proper) and
    - other languages that are commonly lumped with it.
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