Aramaic: spelling for "shbook" and "shbag"?


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I am seeking some guidance on the correct spelling and pronunciation for the Aramaic words "shbook" and "shbag" (to cancel/remove the root of your suffering). I used a font named "Estrangelo" to try and spell it out myself, and would greatly appreciate someone confirming if it is the correct spelling or not. Also, does anyone have any idea how to pronounce it? Because it is an ancient Semitic language, I would assume the pronunciation isn't as easy as it sounding like it's spelled. :)

Below are the font spellings that I did myself. (Yes, no, close? lol)
I came across the words/meaning in a book I recently read, and am highly curious in the correct formatting.

Your help is greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!
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    My knowledge of Aramaic is limited to the classic Jewish dialects and to whatever portion of Aramaic that lives in Hebrew. I understand that you are talking about root sh-b-k, Hebrew: ש-ב-ק, Syriac / Estrangela: View attachment 9362 (read the Hebrew and Syriac from right to left). The ancient meaning of this root is to stop, cease, abandon. In Hebrew (borrowed from Aramaic) it means to stop, collapse. Not sure about the modern Aramaic (Neo-Aramaic) pronunciation and spelling. I guess that "shbag" is 3rd, sing. past ("he stopped"), so in 1st Century Aramaic it was pronounced shbhak ("sh" as in English, "bh" is most likely somewhere between English "b" and "v"), in modern Eastern Syriac it sounds like shwak, in modern Hebrew it's shavak. All three are written the same - the three root letters (no vowels).


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    The picture you posted shows wrong spellings. I happen to be fluent in the eastern Syriac alphabet and you obviously typed shbk which return the letters samkat, he, bet, kaf. If you're using Shiboleth, the letter x corresponds to shin. Plus, you used Kaf instead of Qof. The right spelling is thus ܫܒܩ.


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    this is weird, yes it does resemble a root in hebrew, but any other word close in sound and meaning i can think of are not cancelling/removing the root of your suffering, unless die is counted and then sh-v-k fits...
    so,in jewish armaic dialect sh-v-k means to leave


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    The word shbaq should be spelled like that in Syriac/Aramaic ܫܒܰܩ
    And as origumi said the word in Neo Aramaic dialects is pronounced as Shwaq/shooq and it means "let - leave" which is slightly different than in Classical Syriac: "remove-forgive"
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