Aramaic: Targum Jonathan, Isaiah 9:5


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I am wondering if someone could translate this verse into English for me. It comes from targum Jonathan. It is Isaiah chapter 9 verse 5:

אְמַר נְבִיָא לְבֵית דָוִיד אְרֵי רָבֵי אִתיְלֵיד לַנָא בַר אִתיְהֵיב לַנָא וְקַבֵיל אוֹרָיתָא עְלוֹהִי לְמִיטְרַה וְאִתקְרִי שְמֵיה מִן קֳדָם מַפלִי עֵיצָא אְלָהָא גִיבָרָא קַייָם עָלְמַיָא מְשִיחָא דִשלָמָא יִסגֵי עְלַנָא בְיוֹמוֹהִי

(I'm not sure if the niqqoud are accurate. Please correct them or just let me know if they're erroneous)

This second question may be outside of the forum's scope. But, if anyone knows, can you inform me of what date (roughly) this was translated?

Thanks in advance -
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    My Aramaic is not perfect, but until a native classical Aramaic speaker shows up :confused: it's a start:

    Said a prophet (that belongs?) to the house of David for a child shall be born to us, a son will be given to us, that shall accept the ruling upon himself and he will be called (since early time?) wonderful counselor, mighty god, exists forever, messiah of peace, he shall be our master in his day.


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    Regarding the time: Targum Yonatan son of `uziel for the Prophets was most likely written in the 1st century AD in Jerusalemite-Aramaic. It was probably edited in Babylon for several centuries and therefore contains also Babylonian-Aramaic words and expressions.
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