Arbeit in / bei / auf einer Bank

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    Are both sentences correct ?
    Ich arbeite in einer bank.
    Ich arbeite bei einer bank.

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  3. Leopold Stotch

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    "Ich arbeite in einer Bank" is the correct one. (When you are working in this building.)

    You say "Ich arbeite bei einer Bank" when you are working in the near of this building.
  4. Gernot Back

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    I dont think there is anything wrong with saying "Ich arbeite auf der Bank/auf der Post/auf dem Rathaus" if your job is typical for the institution. Housecleaners would probably say "Ich arbeite in der Bank/in der Post/im Rathaus", though, since they are not doing anything typical for the institution.

    The preposition "bei" can be used synonymously with "auf" when you are talking about a typical association of that job with the institution in question and when you are not focussing on the location where you perform your job.
  5. Phoenixlighter Member

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    You say "Ich arbeite bei einer Bank" if you work in a bank, but you say "Ich bin bei einer Bank" if you have some kind of an account on a bank.
  6. Sowka

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    Hello :)

    This may be a regional difference, but I would not use "auf" in these cases; I would always use "bei": Ich arbeite bei der Post / beim Finanzamt / bei einer Bank.
  7. dubitans Senior Member

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    We Southerners constantly say Er arbeitet auf der Post/der (einer) Bank/auf dem (am) Finanzamt.
  8. berndf Moderator

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    Yes, that is general Southern usage, except am Finanzamt: The contraction auf dem > am is exclusively Austrian. In German German (north & south) am can only mean an dem.

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