arbusto del crespon


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I'm trying to translate the following phrase into english

"Metido bajo el arbusto del crespon, en el parque, las he visto"

its only the part about the crespon that has me confused I'm sure its a reference to the flower that grows on the particular shrub but I'm cmpletely lost as to its english equivalent!
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    " ... Here are some ways you can confirm that spelling crape myrtle with an "a" is more correct:
    There is a "Crape Myrtle Society of America" but there is no such thing as a "Crepe Myrtle Society of America"
    "Crape myrtle is the overwhelming choice both in botanical sources and in other dictionary sources." - Michael Agnes, executive editor of Webster's New World Dictionary
    "The first reference to crape...came in 1685. Crepe first showed up in 1797." - Agnes
    "The common name of this plant is crape myrtle not crepe myrtle." - Floridata
    The National Arboretum, as well as almost all arboretums, uses "crape myrtle" not "crepe myrtle" ..."