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I read Stretch It: Standing Spinal Arch from a fitness site:

I find that arching backwards, in the opposite direction of all the hunching, feels great. ......To find out how to do this stretch(picture)..... Tuck in your tailbone, engage your abs, and arch back.

Do "arch back" and "bend back (picture)" mean the same thing?
Do "arch back" and "arch your back (picture)" have opposite directions?

Thank you.
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    Yes, that's right. You can also arch your back with your hands on your hips or hands clasped behind you or just about anywhere that allows the body to bend backwards. You also arch your back when making a body bridge, which is well illustrated in Google images.


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    Thank you for your thorough explanations. But does "arch your back" have two directions?

    In the context below, "arch your back" doesn't mean bend back, am I correct?

    How to Get a More Flexible Back
    Method Four of Seven:
    Animal-pose stretches
    2 Do an advanced cat stretch. Start as with the cat stretch, but slowly slide your arms forward on the mat while arching your back until you get your shoulders to touch the ground.

    Thank you again.


    Does "arch your back" have two directions? This thread said:
    1. If talking about people, an arched back is bent backwards. That is, the navel sticks out in front.
    2. If talking about cats, the arching is opposite to that of people.
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