Archaic synonym for cheat, chisel, grifter?


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There is a word or phase I'm trying to remember that was used in late 19th, early 20th century American literature, particularly Western dime novels, etc. to describe a cheat, chiseler, grifter, sharp dealer, crook, etc. It seems to me that it was used to describe someone who used the law or the letter of the law to defraud another.

Any suggestions as to what I'm trying to recall?
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    What you seek is beyond the scope of this forum However, you might try consulting a thesaurus.


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    Welcome to the forum, OldHorseFarmer. :)

    I don't believe that seeking an idiomatic phrase is beyond the scope of the forum.

    Are you thinking, perhaps, of either snake-oil salesman or flimflam man? Or just con?
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