archaically ground lens


What is "archaically ground lens" in the following text? Can someone tell me a synonym for that? <-----Original thread title added to post by moderator (Florentia52)----->

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We have complexes because we have histories, and these charged shards of internalized experience, replete with bodily manifestation (a flush of nausea, sweating palms, constricted throat); a rush of energy that piles on the present moment the monstrous enormity of the past; an archaically ground lens through which the new may only be see through the perspective of the old; and an attendant script, with splinter personalities, driving the reenactment of mythologems with replicative outcomes.

Prims, Hollis
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    This is figurative language that means our memories and past impressions affect/distort new perceptions and information.

    An archaically ground lens = (roughly) a lens that was shaped or created in the (distant) past.