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I am having some american friends visiting and as we have been visiting the archipelago we discussed how the word should be pronounced.
I have checked the internet but can't find the answer by phonetic language either so I would be happy if you could help me.

I would pronounce it as archi-pelargo with a minor stop after 'archi' and then with a stress on 'pel', while some of our guests says "archipel-ar'-go" with stress on 'ar'.
Is there a British/Irish/American/Canadian/Australian/etc difference that makes us come up with different pronunciations? Or just confused minds? :)

Appreciate the help!
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    ɑːkɪˈpɛləgəʊ is the digital OED's pronunciation. Note the schwa in the penultimate syllable. The schwa is never accented. But I have heard the word pronounced with the accent on the penult, the vowel pronounced as you have it: /ɑː/
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