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What is the Arabic for architect? I'm really just interested in the base form, but if you feel the need to give additional forms, go ahead. I wouldn't want to discourage you.

  • Al-handasa = geometry
    Mouhandis = geometrician
    Mouhandis me3mari = architect (lit. building geometrician)
    Mouhandis 3amar = architect (lit. building geometrician)
    In Egypt we say muhandis mi3maari مهندس معمارى or muhandis 3imara مهندس عمارة
    we also use sometimes the simple form of mi3maari معمارى , i found it used several times when referring to one of the most famous Egyptian architect Hassan Fathy المهندس حسن فتحى or المعمارى حسن فتحى
    And we use the word muhandis for engineer (electric engineer, mechanical engineer....)