Architectural Steer [steel]

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    Does anyone what "architectural steer for the project" it is?

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    Hi and welcome to thew forums.

    I believe there is a typo on the original text... it should be steel and not steer.
    Here is an example of what I mean:
    My suggestion:
    Architectural steel = acero arquitectónico

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    Hi and thank you for your answer!

    There is no typo. The Project Manager that used that, mentioned that many times in his e-mails. For example, in a e-mail with the minutes of a conference call he wrote "Network Architecture steer required for engagement of several departments to successfully deliver this project". I'm saying that for best understanding of the contex where the expresion has been used.

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    And perhaps something like "supervisión/dirección arquitectónica" for "architectural steer".

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