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La Patagonia

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Hello everyone,

Do you know what "Architecture 101" means? Is it a basic subject in the career of Architecture or something like that? I searched a lot but I am not sure. Thanks a lot!

Context: "Go back to your Architecture 101 sketch of your house. A strong foundation will offer long-lasting pleasure."

My try:
"Vuelve al boceto arquitectónico básico de tu casa, Architecture 101. Un cimiento sólido te ofrecerá un placer duradero."
  • JillN

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    Yes, in U.S. universities, the first class of any subject is usually called "101".

    Vuelve al boceto arquitectónico de tu casa que hiciste en tu primera clase en arquitectura.


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    "[something] 101" is often a very basic university course. It is used figuratively in a reference to something really basic.

    If, for example, I were to say "mi y mi hermano fui a Colorado," you might say "Go back to Spanish 101" (even if I had never taken university-level Spanish)


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    I understand it as you indicated: basic architecture.
    In the USA, you will hear people add "101" after a topic to suggest ease and simplicity.
    Filmmaking 101 / Journalism 101 / Physics 101
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