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    I would like to know how to translate the word "archived" in this context:

    ... after drugs exerting selective pressure on drug-resistant populations are discontinued, a wild-type virus often re-emerges as the predominant population in the plasma. As a consequence, the proportion of virus with resistance mutations decreases to below the 10%–20% threshold ( ... ), despite this plasma reversion, reinstitution of the same ARV agents (or those sharing similar resistance pathways) is
    usually associated with early drug failure, and the virus present at failure is derived from previously archived resistant virus.

    I have tried this:

    (...), a pesar de esta reversión plasmática, la readminstración de los mismos agentes antirretrovirales (o de aquellos que comparten los mismos mecanismos de resistencia) está usalmente asociada a falla terapéutica temprana, y el virus presente al momento del fracaso proviene del virus previamente resguardado.
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    Hola... otra opción sería "conservados (en reservorios)", "que escapan en reservorios" o "que persisten en reservorios"... look at this text (similar context):

    "...after HAART initiation before suppression of viral replication... escape mutations were archived in latent proviral DNA reservoirs".

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    Muchas gracias por tu respuesta Luz.

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