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    how would you translate "archivi d'autore"?

    The original sentence is: Archivi d'autore sul territorio molisano e film sul Molise.

    the context is a section of a filmfest presenting some films and videos on the Molise region.

    My try: Archival and contemporary films on the Molise region and its territory.

    I think that "archivi d'autore" is a collection of old videos on life in Molise made by important personalities, that's why "d'autore" i guess..

    I translated with "archival" meaning "archivistico, di archivio"

    Can you please give me a hand? Suggestions, remarks??

    Thank you!
  2. Lazzini

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    The Devoti-Oli dictionary gives this for d'autore:

    realizzato con superiore maestria, di riconosciuto valore

    I think the word classic would often be used in English to express this concept. My suggestion would therefore be:

    Classic film records of life in the Molise region.

    Is there any difference between territorio molisano and Molise? I have treated them as one and the same.
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    Hi again,
    We've had some great discussions about "d'autore" HERE.

    Lazzini's "classic" is fantastic, "art films" "specialty", etc...
  4. Berserker Senior Member

    Thanks Lazzini.
    well, territorio molisano and Molise could be the same thing, of course the territory is part of the region, but the "archivi d'autore" are about the "territorio", i.e. the land and its produce I think, while the films are about Molise... so also the political situation and people.

    I don't have enough information to be sure of that... but if the author made a distinction between the two there should be a reason... I should ask him.

    Anyways I don't know how to explain or reproduce that...

    Any other suggestion?

    Anyways you already gave me a great help.

    Thank you for your time and prompt reply!

  5. ValeVad Member


    "Archivi d'autore sul territorio molisano e film sul Molise".

    How about: "Films on the Molise region and genuine archives on its territory".

    It's just a guess...

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