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  1. Pipina Member

    Hola!estoy traduciendo una partida de nacimiento y en uno de los sellos dice: "el nombre de la persona, firma autorizada, Archivo Departamental, Registro Civil de Rosario"

    Como puedo traducir "archivo departamental"? Mi intento es : Department Record... estará bien asi?

    Muchas gracias!
  2. charisma_classic

    charisma_classic Senior Member

    English, U.S.A.
    I would translate this as "District Archives".

    I believe "departamental" is referring to Departamento Rosario. In English, this would be the Rosario District.
  3. Bandera Senior Member

    I agree with Charisma.
  4. Okie Senior Member

    Palm Coast, FL, USA
    English US
    Tengo una duda en referencia a lo del "departamental." En Bolivia, tengo entendido que el Departamento es equivalente a un Estado en los Estados Unidos - p. ej. hay 9 departamentos en Bolivia como hay 50 estados en EEUU. En este caso, tal vez hay que usar "Department Archives". ¿Qué piensan?
  5. charisma_classic

    charisma_classic Senior Member

    English, U.S.A.
    I understand your reasoning here, but in English "department" isn't an administrative district. It's a division of a company or organizaton, but not of a territory. For that reason "district" or even "state" or "province", depending on how the departamentos are being used to divide the country/city, is a clearer reflection of the meaning of the original.

    If I read "Department Archives" I don't think about records for that state, city or territory - I think about records for that particular division of the agency that is creating the document.
  6. Okie Senior Member

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    English US
    I like "State" the best since, for someone from the US at least, it probably best reflects the administrative divisions of the country. I don't know how many other South American countries use "Department" for equivalent divisions, but you're right about the connotation of an agency division rather than a governmental division.

  7. David

    David Banned

    I desagree. "Departments" are administrative districts in Bolivia, based on the "departments" that replaced the Royal Provinces in France and in other countries. . I see no reason to call them "States." Mexico has "States." So does Brazil. But Bolivia has "departments." If you think "Department" is mislaeading--I do not--you could say "Departmental Archives, Dept. [i.e. Administrative District--T.N.] of Rosario, Bolivia.
  8. Okie Senior Member

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    Thanks, David. Someone in Bolivia had shot me down on using "States", but I never understood why. (Original questioner is in Argentina - I wonder what they use.)
  9. David

    David Banned

    Argentina has Provinces.
  10. evitap Senior Member

    It's departments here (and I've never replaced it for 'state').
  11. Cherry_blossom

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    Rosario, Argentina
    Spanish - Argentina
    Each province in argentina is divided in departments. The city of Rosario is within Rosario Department. The city of Firmat, for instance is within General López Department. HTH!

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