Are “Peace and Love”“ the hippy luxuries”?

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Peace and Love, the hippy luxuries, would not have been much in evidence if Hitler had won the conflict.But nor were they in evidence in those unfortunate European countries dominated by the Soviet Union, the country upon whose alliance Churchill had ultimately relied to defeat the Nazis. (A.N. Wilson After the Victorians)
Q: Are “Peace and Love”“ the hippy luxuries”? or “Peace and Love”are the hippy dream themes,and they are“ the hippy luxuries”. I am confused. “Peace and Love” is also an album. Thanks.
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    They are noun phrases in apposition, so Peace and Love are the hippy luxuries.

    Wilson is saying that the hippies would not have had the "luxury" of promoting the ideals of peace and love if a totalitarian state had taken control of their countries.
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