Are commas necessary before and/or after a descriptive expression with a possessive 's?

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Rain lover

Which is correct:
  1. It's my daughter's, Mary's, birthday.
  2. It's my daughter, Mary's, birthday.
  3. It's my daughter, Mary's birthday.
  4. It's my daughter Mary's birthday.
  • Retired-teacher

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    British English
    #1 is definitely wrong. You don't have "daughter's" and "Mary's" together. I would say of the others, #2 or #4 are O.K. If you are going to use a comma after daughter, then another one is needed after Mary's. #2 is probably the more accurate but no-one would worry about #4.


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    Like Glasguensis, I would choose 4. The apostrophe-s applies to the whole phrase my daughter Mary: I wouldn't break that phrase up with a comma.

    PS. Welcome to the forums, Retired-teacher!
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