Are (English) letters Latin characters?

James Zhang

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Dear all

Are (English) letters Latin characters?

I am lost in this sentence:

Use your finger to write your search term using letters or non-Latin characters.

This gives me a sense that the English letters are Latin characters...

And google search results show that English letters are derived from Latin characters ...

Yet, I'm not so sure about it..

What's your take on it?

  • entangledbank

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    Yes, Latin is a standard term for the alphabet used by most European languages - as opposed to similar alphabets like Greek and Cyrillic, and other scripts like Chinese and Arabic. English, French, and German are written in the Latin alphabet, whereas Russian is written in Cyrillic.


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    It should be pointed out that what we call the Latin alphabet contains a few additions and is not identical to the alphabet used by the Romans.
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