Are French women nowadays as free and integrated as we think

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    hi i just want to know if this is correct?

    Est-ce que la femme française est–elle aussi tant libre et intégrée dans la société moderne qu’on le croit ou est ce que ça c’est seulement une façade ?

    What i want to say is: Are French women nowadays as free and integrated as we think in modern society or is it just an appearance?

    otherwise is it more correct to say? Est-ce que l’image et la position de la femme française dans la société moderne a-t-il eu des grands changements dans ces dernières années ?

    hope u can hellp
    thank you!
  2. lilly lil Member

    my translation for is:

    les françaises d'aujourd'hui sont-elles aussi intégrées dans la société moderne qu'on le croit, ou n'est-ce qu'une apparence?

    hope it's ok... xx
  3. melu85 Senior Member

    choose either form:

    est-ce que la femme est....


    la femme est-elle...

    but not est-ce que la femme est-elle...
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    Hello mi85, and welcome to the forums:).

    As you can see, there are a lot of people who really know their stuff and are willing to help. When we ask for help our side of the bargain is to put some thought into the title, so that other people who are looking for similar translations in the future can find the thread.

    It is also important to do our best to use standard (proper, official) language, punctuation and capitals, rule 22. I'll send you a PM about this.
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    thank you very much fr the answers!xx

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