are knowledgeable of the 5S

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Argentina, Spanish
Hi everyone!
I really don't know how to say this in Spanish. Can you helo me?

All the levels and functions on the site are knowledgeable of the 5S.

El texto tiene que ver con la aplicación de las 5S en los procesos industriales.

Thank you!
  • Gusla

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    Argentina, Spanish
    El método de las 5 S , así denominado por la primera letra (en japonés) de cada una de sus cinco etapas, es una técnica de gestión japonesa basada en cinco principios . Organización. Orden. Limpieza. Estandarización. y Disciplina.


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    Oh, no, I admit it is way too late for you Gusla, but in case it helps someone else looking into it:

    I think it is something like saying "[subject]... are well acquainted with..."

    But, since I guess
    you were looking into a Spanish equivalent, we use a lot "[sujeto]... están (altamente) familiarizados con..."

    Even though the subject is talking about "levels and functions", it seems to me it is actually referring to the people who is in such levels and who have been assigned such functions, like "those who are in X position and have X role in the company".

    Hope, even if a little bit too late, someday this may help someone. :)
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