Are pop songs devils/a devil or angels/an angel?


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Hi all, I'm not sure whether to use the plural or the singular for the following sentence which I created.

Are pop songs a devil or an angel?
Are pop songs devils or angels?

My meaning is whether they are beneficial or harmful to people.

I'm leaning towards using the plural because they correspond to songs, which is plural.

Am I right? :)
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    The plural sounds more natural but I think you could use either. With the singular, you're referring to pop songs as a single category, while with the plural, each song is taken individually and separately.


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    May I suggest that you reconsider using devil or angel, because both versions sound unnatural to me? What about:

    Are pop songs a bane/curse or a blessing?

    If you want to use devil or angel, what about:

    Are pop songs the work of the devil or of angels?

    (I'm using 'the devil' or even 'the Devil' because in the Judaeo-Christian perspective there is one Devil - Satan - but many demons; and there are many angels.) I'd use 'the work' in the singular.
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