are run/were run/run/ran


Hello, this is a question from an English Proficiency test.

A lot of trains _____________ late today due to heavy storms.

(a) are run (b) run (c) were run (d) ran

I chose (a)....(since at the first time I thought "today" seemed to go well with the present tense) but I am not sure about my answer at all(probably wrong) and still have no idea of which one is correct. Is this the case that I should use the passive forms (or not)? And how can I tell if the speaker is talking about now or past?
Could you tell me which one is correct and why? Thank you in advance!
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    I would choose "(d) ran" – we are talking after the fact, at the end of the day, so we are talking about the past (the simple past, grammatically).

    (a) could only be correct if it were "are running" and we are talking before the end of the day. But since it's "were run," it's not correct. We can occasionally use "run" to mean "put into service," but I don't see that happening here.
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