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    (1) hyponym – hypernym converse antonyms(2) forwards - backwardsreverseantonyms(3) wrap- unwrap reverseantonyms(4) expensive – cheap gradable antonyms(5) bigger – smaller converse antonyms(6) minute – second ‘second’ isa meronym of ‘minute’(7) murder – be murdered by converseantonyms(8) to the right of – to theleft of reverse antonyms(9) sleep – sleep soundly ‘sleep’ isa hyponym of ‘sleep soundly’(10) transitive verbs – verbs ‘transitiveverbs’ is a meronym of ‘verbs’(11) walk – crawl taxonomic sisters(12) suite – sweet homonyms(13) teach - learn converseantonyms(14) guest - host converseantonyms(15) begin – stop gradable antonyms(16) defeat - lose to synonyms(17) give –receive converse antonyms(18) fill (verb) – empty (verb) reverse antonyms(19) build (verb) – demolish (verb) reverseantonyms(20) seed – fruit‘seed’ is a meronym of ‘fruit’(21) jazz – music ‘jazz’ is a meronym of ‘music’(22) innocent- guilty converse antonyms(23) predator – prey taxonomicsisters(24) colour (verb) – bleach (verb) taxonomic sisters(25) knight – night homonyms(26) open (verb)– shut (verb) reverse antonyms(27) improve – deteriorate reverseantonyms(28) book- pages ‘book’ is a hyponym of ‘pages’(29) hide – conceal synonyms(30) darken - lighten reverse antonyms(31) more – less converseantonyms
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    This is too broad for English Only. Give us a minute to figure out if there's any way we can help.
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