Are these sentences correct? wedding


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1I have never been to any wedding ceremony of my friends nor my family members’ or relatives'.
2I have never been to( any) my friends'wedding ceremony,nor my family members' or relatives'
3I have never been to (any )my friends'wedding ceremony,or even my family members' and relatives'
4I've never been invited to any wedding ceremony of my friends nor my family members' or relatives./ to any my friends'wedding ceremony,much less my family members'and relatives'(ones).
※I'm not sure if any should be put before my friends' wedding ceremony...
In these sentences I want to emphasize that I've never even attended any close family members' wedding ceremonies that I should prioritize over my friends' ones.Also ,which one is natural to say or write,"wedding ceremonies of my friends "or "my friends' wedding ceremonies",and lastly,I'd appreciate it if you could correct these 4 sentences if they are unnatural.
I'm looking forward to your answers and thank you in advance!
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    I’m afraid it’s not clear what you’re trying to say. Have you been to any weddings? Are you trying to distinguish between the weddings of friends and of family, or between people who you know well and people you know more distantly? What is the reason for your sentence?
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