Are you a fan of (insert actor name)?

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"Are you a fan of (insert actor name)?"

How to ask this question in german?

Thank you
  • b00nish

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    "Bist du ein Fan von ..."

    (You could replace 'Fan' with words that are 'more german' like 'Anhänger', 'Bewunderer', ... but I think 'Fan' is the most widely used term for 'fan' also in german speaking countrys.)


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    Regarding persons you use normally "Fan" - except it is e.g. in relation to religious leaders where the meaning is a different one of Anhänger - e.g. Die Anhänger (meaning followers) Jesus.

    Replacing Fan with Anhänger regarding actors etc. sounds weird in my opinion.

    But Anhänger is as a perfect synonyme for fan of e.g. sport clubs.

    "Er ist ein Anhänger vom VFB Stuttgart."
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