Are you able to put any weight on it?


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Greetings! When you're at the doctor's office with a hurt leg/foot, they will normally ask "if you can put any weight on it" (the leg or foot). Is there a standard translation for this concept in German? Sometimes the pain is so bad that if you put any weight on it, it will just hurt worse.

I would just be guessing, but would try something like "Und können Sie noch darauf stehen/laufen/gehen?" oder "Und kann es/er noch (Ihr) Gewicht tragen/ertragen?"

Is there a standard phrase for this in German? Thanks for any responses!
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    Thanks, Demiurg! This is one of those types of constructions that I could have never inferred even with a thousand chances.


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    Regarding your own suggestions:

    "Und können Sie noch darauf stehen/laufen/gehen?" :tick:

    "Und kann es/er noch Ihr Gewicht tragen?" :tick:

    "Und kann es/er noch Ihr Gewicht ertragen?" :cross:
    That would mean that you wanted to know whether or not the leg/foot grew tired of bearing the weight. It's not wrong per se, but definitely not standard either.
    There are many more ways to ask the same thing, but Demiurg's question is the most common one out there.
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