are you asleep already?


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context: a man and wife go to bed. The husband gets into bed whilst the wife brushes her teeth. When she comes into the bedroom she says to her husband, who appears to have nodded off: 'are you already asleep?'

I've written 'tu dors deja?' but it seems wrong, as though she's saying that he has previously been asleep bt is now awake.... Am I worrying about nothing or is it wrong?

  • moe0204

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    You're actually worrying about nothing.
    Tu t'es déjà endormi ?
    Tu dors déjà ?

    are both correct.
    Tu dors déjà ? is maybe more used.

    Paf le chien

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    You are worrying about nothing :)

    "Tu dors" is present of indicative, it does not have any temporal meaning other than now. He could be asleep or not before the question, that does not matter at all.

    It's also a very good way to awake his/her partner in the middle of the night, by shaking him/her and asking "Tu dors ?" ;)
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