are you comfortable? did it hurt you?

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  1. John Pierman Member

    Hola- I am new to this forum and deal with a lot of spanish speaking patients at the hospital I work in. How do I say when drawing blood " are you comfortable" or "did that hurt you?"
  2. vivianellen Senior Member

    Punta Arenas
    Chile - Spanish
    ¿te sientes bien? ¿se siente usted bien? (are you comfortable)
    ¿te dolió? ¿le dolió? (did that hurt you)
  3. Fortuna Felix

    Fortuna Felix Senior Member

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    vivianellen, could you clarify for me -- I always ask: ¿Está cómodo/cómoda? (literally: are you comfortable) to inquire if someone is comfortable with regard to external factors -- if they are comfortable how they are seated, or lying in a bed. To me, ¿Se siente bien? (literally: do you feel well) could be ambiguous, the patient could take it to mean you are inquiring how they feel internally (with regard to their health). Thank you!
  4. Ynez Senior Member

    Fortuna, when seated or lying in a bed, it would be a good question, as you said:

    ¿Está cómodo/a?

    But when drawing blood (as John asked), it is better:

    ¿Se siente (usted) bien?/¿Está (usted) bien?
  5. Marqueesa Senior Member

    Spanish - Spain
    You understand the difference very well, and you explained it perfectly. That is.

    The question is: if someone is dwawing blood, would you say : "are your confortable ?" or "do you feel well?" I think you will say the second. And it's the same in spanish: "¿se siente bien?" "¿se encuentra bien?"

    But, well, if what you want to ask is specifically for any reason, "are you confortable?", you must say: "¿está usted cómodo/cómoda?" or, "¿estás cómodo/cómoda?"
  6. Marqueesa Senior Member

    Spanish - Spain
    And if you want to say "did it hurt you?", then you say : "¿te duele?" (for a present action), or "¿te ha dolido?" (for an inmediate past action).
  7. Zulini

    Zulini Senior Member

    Hola: otra posibilidad sería hacer una pregunta más abierta "¿Cómo se siente?"
  8. John Pierman Member

    Muchas gracias de ustedes-
    I now have 4 different types of implying "are you comfortable and did that hurt?" Each response is greatly appreciated. Thank you for understanding ambiguity as I am speaking on basic grammar level. How can I say "I am sorry but my spanish is not very good" other than Lo ciento, mi espanol es poco?"
  9. aurilla Senior Member

    Puerto Rico
    Am Eng/PR Spanish
    "Lo siento, hablo poco español".
  10. John Pierman Member

    Como se dice- : this is a great learing experience. I would say in horrible espanol-" es aprendo esperinsa" I know that is wrong but I am a beginner so please do not laugh.
  11. John Pierman Member

  12. Marqueesa Senior Member

    Spanish - Spain
    "Esta es una gran experiencia de aprendizaje"

    (creo que es eso lo que quieres decir! I think this is what you want to say!)

    You're welcome! :)

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