Are you Comfortable? Is it Uncomfortable?

Discussion in 'Português (Portuguese)' started by Crockett, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. Crockett

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    The context: a doctor asks his patient who is lying in a bed, "are you comfortable?" or, "let me know if you're uncomfortable." or, "is it uncomfortable?"

    From what I understand, the word, "comfortable", doesn't have all the same meanings in Portuguese as it does in English... right? What are some different ways of saying these phrases in Portuguese?
  2. Joca

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    If the doctor is just asking his/her patient if they are in a comfortable position in the bed, if the mattress is soft/hard enough, if the room temperature is ok, if there is not too much noise etc, then he/she would say: "Você está bem acomodado/a?" "Mande-me avisar se você estiver mal acomodado/a".

    If the doctor is asking about the patient's condition, then he/she would say: "Você está se sentindo bem?" "Mande-me avisar se você não estiver se sentindo bem."

    This is Brazilian Portuguese.
  3. percivalpc Senior Member

    Hi, Crockett.

    In that context, I don't see it as a false friend. Not at all. Only some of these constructions, specially the last two, would probably be different, at least in Brazil (Portuguese folks might provide a different input).

    The doc would hardly say "me avisa/avise" ("let me know"), but just "me fala/fale" ("Me fala/fale se não estiver desconfortável, tá bem?" -- "tá bem" = "okay"). And "Is it uncomfortable?" would probably be "Não tá/está desconfortável não, tá?" ("tá" = spoken; "está" = written -- though you can write "tá" in an informal written dialogue).
  4. Ruca Senior Member



    In Portugal, it could be mostly the same: "(Você) está bem acomodado/a?"; "Mande-me avisar se (você) estiver mal acomodado."; "Sente-se bem?"; "Mande-me avisar se não se sentir bem/se não estiver a sentir-se bem.".

    However, I think you could perfectly use the word "confortável": "Está confortável?"; "Se estiver desconfortável, avise-me!", "É desconfortável?".
  5. mglenadel

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    Médicos costumam perguntar "sente(s) algum desconforto?" para saber se o paciente sente dores ou algo parecido.
  6. Crockett

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    I see that some of you said, "Está confortável?". Would that be, "(Você) está confortável"? If so, that's really interesting. I've never heard anyone use confortável that way in Portuguese before.

    Thanks for the great responses. This really helps a lot!! :D

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