Are you done? Vs. Are you through?


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I've heard both questions, do they mean the same thing?
I hardly ever hear "Are you through?", I live in the USA, but I watched a TV Show, and the butler who is british asked that question.
I was wondering If there was any difference between those questions, and If it's an expression used more often by british speakers.
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    I'm surprised to hear "are you through" is on a British TV show - which one? I see this as very much an AE expression and wouldn't use it myself, nor do I hear it said in England. I would use "Are you finished" or even "have you finished" in preference to either of the examples given.


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    For what it's worth, some distribution:

    BNC (British National Corpus, 100 million words; stopped being compiled in 1993)
    are you through - 1 instance
    i'm through - 15 instances
    i've finished - 153 instances

    COCA (Corpus of Contemporary American English; over 400 million words; still being collected)
    are you through - 13 instances
    i'm through - 184 instances
    i've finished - 75 instances


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    They both mean the same thing and I think they are both common (AmE). I personally never say, "Are you done?" anymore because my husband always answers, "No, I'm not dumb!" :)


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    I've only ever heard 'are you through' on American television (spoken by American characters).
    'Are you done" or 'are you finished' are equally common for me.