Are you following us or something?

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Who says 'seal the seal'?
[Chuck signals Nate that they have arrived at school]
Come on.
[They get up, Dan is standing behind them, Chuck turns to Dan]
Are You following us or something?
from Gossip Girl

Would it sound offensive, if I were chuck, and said, "Are you following us"? omitting or something?

Thank you
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    I think we usually ask, "Are you following us?" without the "or something." It's neither more nor less rude than the long version -- it all depends on the tone of voice. It can be used rudely, accusingly, even humorously.

    suzi br

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    I cannot easily imagine a context when this could be said as anyting other than a challenge to the other person. It is the sort of thing kids say to other kids whom they don't care for. It may not be very agressive but it is the first step in a confrontation of some sort.
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