Are you free to pick me up at the airport?

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  1. sweetxbebe New Member

    Canada (English)

    How would I say:
    "Are you free to pick me up at the airport?"

    Would it go something like this:
    Peux-tu pour me prendre à l'aéroport?

  2. david314

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    American English
    I believe that the phrase is passer me prendre, but I'm having problems formulating the entire sentence so let's hang tight & wait for further input. :)
  3. SwissPete

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    Peut-être Es-tu disponible pour passer me prendre / venir me chercher à l'aéroport ?
    The "disponible" part keeps the "free" of the original sentence.
  4. Pourrais - tu me prendre à l' aéroport ?
    It is just a suggestion
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