Are you going to finish that?

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Hello friends,

I'm making my parents a silly coat of arms for Christmas. We're Italian and of course love to eat. I thought it would be funny to have the banner under the coat of arms say, "Are you going to finish that?" in Italian.

I would be very appreciative of your assistance. Thank you very much!!

  • Necsus

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    Italian (Italy)
    Hi bellafiore and welcome to WRF!
    Well, literally it could be 'questo (ve) lo finirete?'... But which is the necsus between a coat of arms, the fact you love eat and the verb 'to finish'? do you say 'finish' meaning 'eat completely'?


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    Hi bellafiore, welcome to the Forum :)

    If you want to convey the meaning that Necsus suggested ("are you going to eat completely even that?"), maybe you should say something like:
    - Vi mangiate pure questo?
    - Mangiatevi pure questo!
    - Finitevi pure questo!


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    I think the meaning of "are you going to finish that?" is different and suggests greediness on the part of the person asking the question, i.e. it means "Are you going to finish that? If not, I wouldn't mind having it". Something like "se non lo vuoi tu me lo mangio io":)
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