Are you having trouble vs Are you getting trouble

Brave Heart

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Hi guys.

I have this phrase "Are you having toruble breathing?", and a friend of mine asked me if "Are you getting trouble breathing?" is also appropriate and, if so, what the difference is between them.

I feel there is something wrong with "Are you getting trouble breathing?" but I cannot explain it. Could you help me with this?

Thanks. :)
  • cuchuflete

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    Are you having trouble breathing? This is a perfectly good sentence.

    Are you getting trouble breathing? This is not. In English we do not say 'getting trouble'. It is not idiomatic,
    and would mark a speaker or writer as a non-native who has not mastered idiomatic English.

    The only similar phrasing I can think of is 'getting into trouble', which means acting in a way that invites
    a negative response or disciplinary action.
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