Are you in a rush for other arrangements

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Chinese Mandarin
Hi, all. I have a situation about which I am not sure how to say it naturally:

One day, a customer came to our factory and I needed to show her around the factory. I needed to know whether he had other arrangements after the show-around (catch a train, or leave for another factory, or have a meeting after this showaround, ....etc); if he would not have other arrangements after this I could show him around for more details and didn't have to worry about time running; if he had other arrangements after this, I had to control the show-around time to as short as possible, depending on what time his next arrangment was. To know this, I would ask him "I would like to know are you in a rush for other arrangements? "

I don't think "in a rush" in my sentence is natural. I literally translated it from my Chinese versation. I want to mean if he is in a "there is no time to lose" situation. Is there a better version to express my meaning?

Thank you.
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