Are you making fun of me?

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  1. Amy181 Senior Member

    English - usa
    to say, "are you making fun of me?" can I say
    "tu te moques de moi?"

    Could I also say
    "tu me moques?"

    MERCI :)
  2. A day in Eireann Senior Member

    France - French
    tu te moques de moi is good

    but as it is a question, I woudl suggest saying: Te moques-tu de moi ?
  3. Rageneau

    Rageneau Senior Member

    Pays du Soleil Levant
    England/ ENGLISH English
    If you're being informal/familier:

    "Tu te fous te ma gueule?" ("Are you taking the piss?")
    "Tu me menes en bateau?" ("Are you taking me for a ride?")

    ~yes, the sentence form isn't inverted but when speaking in the "registre familier" that's not strictly necessary...
  4. Amy181 Senior Member

    English - usa
    Merci beaucoup.

    I think I've seen "tu me moques" used somewhere. Does that mean something else, or is it just an incorrect way to say "tu te moques de moi" ?

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