Are you ready to order now? Sorry I'm not.

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Dear friends,

This is a question in an English test in China.

Waitress: Where would you like to sit, sir?
Customer: Near the window.
Waitress: Are you ready to order now?
Customer: _____. I'm waiting for my friend.
A. Here you are
B. Here is the order
C. Sorry, I'm not
D. Just a minute

The answer key is D. But I don't know why C cannot be used. I think we can only use C if the friend won't arrive soon and C is better than D. Can you kindly tell me your opinion on C?

Thank you very much!
  • sound shift

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    The whole thing is a bit strange because the waitress asks the customer if he/she is ready to order straight after she asks him/her where he/she would like to sit, which gives the impression that the customer is not yet seated::confused:

    I don't like D) because "Just a minute" is a bit familiar and abrupt. I think C) is better in this context.


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    :thumbsup: Completely agree with Mr S.

    Give me a chance to sit down, won't you?! would be the answer she'd get from me.
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