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If she is asking about a habit, Is "Do you share a bed" correct? The reason Mrs Turk asked "Are you two sharing a bed?" is that the relationship is ongoing and so does the act of sharing a bed, right? Thanks

Background: Carla met her boyfriend Turk's mother.
Carla: Hi, Mrs. Turk. I'm gonna cut right to the chase. I'm Carla, and I apologize if your son hasn't told you about me yet. You should know he loves me very much, I feel the same way, and we're really, really good together.

Mrs. Turk: Are you two sharing a bed?

Turk: Noooo!

Carla: Yes, ma'am, we are, but if you're a good judge of character, I think you can tell, I'm not messing around
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    Copyright is right, for sure. She's asking if they are literally sleeping together at night — if the answer is yes, it can certainly be assumed that they are having sex.

    With regard to the usage of the present progressive: In my opinion, in this particular case, "Are you two sharing a bed?" and "Do you two share a bed?" are nearly equivalent and interchangeable. "Are you two sharing a bed?" does draw slightly more "right now" and "ongoing" connotations, but the question could be asked either way and still mean the exact same thing, because as you said, the relationship is current and ongoing, but sharing a bed is also a habit, permitting the usage of the normal present tense ("Do you two share a bed?").
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