Are you sore/sored?

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Hello amigos!

A girl was running and suddenly fell down and his mother asked her :" Are you sore/sored?"

Is that idiomatic? Which one works better in the sentence "sore or sored"?


  • xqby

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    Neither one makes sense. I don't think that "sored" actually exists.
    The girl's mother would ask, "Are you hurt?"


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    Yes, 'Are you hurt?' is what you ask is soon as it happens. Later you can ask, 'Did it hurt?', which asks for how it felt when it happened. But later, if someone still feels pain somewhere, they are sore. She might ask, 'Is it still sore?' (where 'it' = "your knee" or "your bottom" or whatever bit got hurt).

    'Are you sore?' (as opposed to 'Is it sore?') is usually a colloquial meaning "slightly angry, some time after being annoyed or angered by someone".
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