Are you still sick?


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How would you ask someone of they're still sick?

I think: まだ、病気がありますか? Is right, but I get this feeling もう could be used (and might be more right)
  • alice313

    もう presents perfect tense, and まだ presents 'still going on' status from past, or from now to the future.
    Usually, if someone asked you 「もう直りましたか」, you could say 「いいえ、まだ直ってませんよ」or 「はい、もう大丈夫です」.
    You can ask someone "まだ病気なんですか” but cannot ask "もう病気なんですか”.
    Hmm "まだ病気なんですか" sounds too direct to me... (I'm not saying this is grammatically wrong, though.) I think we'd say more like "まだ具合悪いんですか?"/"まだ調子悪いんですか?". You can say "まだお具合お悪いのですか?" to sound more polite, and "まだ具合悪いの?" or "まだ調子悪いの?" to sound more casual.
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