area de influencia de una empresa

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  1. GARGAT02 Senior Member

    hola a todos, mi frase es la siguiente:

    análisis de las áreas de influencia de más de 250 grandes superficies comerciales

    analysis of the service areas????? of more than 250 commercial areas????

  2. jimpofic Member

    English USA
    se refiere "area" a un area geografica o al sector economico de una empresa?
  3. GARGAT02 Senior Member

    el problema es que lo he sacado de un curriculum que no tiene contexto....yo creo que se refiere al publico al que llegan las empresas
  4. speedier

    speedier Senior Member

    Without context it is difficult but here is a stab at it:

    Analysis of the spheres of influence of over 250 commercial areas?
  5. jimpofic Member

    English USA
    I can't improve on "spheres of influence"

    I wonder about "250 grandes superficies comerciales"

    Does "gran superficie comercial" refer to a single business (what in the US is referred to as a "big box store") or to a cluster of businesses (e.g., a mall or centro comercial) or to something else?
  6. javierserrano

    javierserrano Senior Member

    Bogotá D.C.
    jimpofic, you're right

    Grandes superficies is what we call here, in Colombia, "Hipermercados", like Carrefour, or Costco.

    In fact, the partnership name of Carrefour in our country is "Grandes Suuperficies de Colombia"

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