1. ptite_flor Member

    Hi !

    Can anyone tell me when we must use "Area" and when we must use "Zone" to translate the French word "zone". What is the difference between the two?

  2. Teafrog

    Teafrog Senior Member

    UK English (& rusty French…)
    An area is a 'space' allocated for a specific thing/activity (a dining area, children area,…); it can also be the 'scope' (or 'range') for, say, a study; in the more general sense it is the 'measure of a surface'.

    A zone is an area :rolleyes: having particular features, purpose, usage; a space between two areas/planes/limits, such as a time-zone, a war-zone (between set limits), an set area :)rolleyes: again…) between depths, heights.

    This is a tricky one to pin down and explain! I hope this helps; perhaps someone might come up with a better definition for you.

    To illustrate how tricky it is, let me reverse your own Q and ask you: when do we "espace" and when we must use "zone" to translate the English word "area" and… what is the difference between the two? :D

    I hope this helps rather than confuse! :)
  3. Mirya New Member

    france / français
    hello !
    I am a new (French) member, and this explanation (from Teafrog) is interesting to me because i have to translate some technical texts from French to English

    If I understand well, if i am speaking of "les zones du produit en contact avec le moule" (it's an aluminium ingot in a mold), I should say : "the product areas in contact with the mold" ?
    Thanks to anybody who can help:)
  4. Spleen Senior Member

    Versailles, France
    USA English
    Hi everyone,

    I'm reactiving this discussion to ask a question regarding the use of "zone" for different parts of an Extranet site. Should I use "area" or "zone". Thank you for your help.

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