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This provincial authority has the name "Department of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock" and has different "areas" like forestry, plant protection, extension, and so on. Is it correct to call them this way, like "area of forestry"? Does anybody come up with a more proper name?
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    Thaks Dimcl. Do you think that Division always is a minor entity than Department? Or could it be the opposite? In any event, does "area" sounds odd to you or still can be suitable?


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    Department and division do not have absolute definitions.
    You could have a department with many divisions, as Dimcl describes.
    You could also have a division with many departments.
    There are many terms used for the "bits" within an overall organisation: department, division, unit, branch, office, ...


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    Thanks panjandrum. So, area, as "forestry area" is not appropriate?
    "Area" is rarely used to describe a department, division, branch, unit, etc. "Area" has more of a geographical connotation. If I heard you referring an "area" with respect to forestry, I would immediately assume that you are describing the geographical "area" in which the forest is located (or some such).

    I would have the same immediate reaction to "plant protection area" ie. which geographical area are the plants being protected in?

    In short, unless there is some other context that we're unaware of, "area" doesn't sound appropriate for a sub-group in a government department.
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